Why use a Fort Myers Area Buyers Agent?   Fort Myers Buyers Agent

A Fort Myers Buyers Agent knows the local market and works  hard to get you the best deal.

Florida law (always subject to change) requires that prior to viewing property with a real estate agent. that agent must be one of these things to you:

A. Single Agent – There are two types of real estate single agents

a. Fort Myers Buyers Agent – This is where the realtor works only in the best interest of the buyer.

b. Sellers Agent – Works only in the best interest of the Seller and works counter to the buyers best interest trying to get the most money for the seller.  If you see an ad or yard sign there is a good chance this person is a Sellers Agent

c. Transactional Agent– This is where the agent is to work for each party “equally”. Many listing agents are using this listing agreement to show that they are on all sides. But, now lets be practical- if they are in the middle, then who is gaining from this agreement?

If you were selling your home wouldn’t you want someone to work in your best interest and get you the most money?

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